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ζ [livejournal.com profile] soeldei_rp

a new panfandom, progressive alternate universe roleplay

Soeldei; a city of new beginnings. Many come to this peaceful sanctuary, this island city cradled by the endless blue sea. Always willingly, some to escape their pasts and some to embrace their futures. Each citizen has heard of Soeldei somehow, even if they don't remember until the choice is made.

Once within the city, you are welcomed by one of the eight hierarchical factions and expected to follow their tenants. The guild masters will give you duties to carry out in addition to your every day jobs. Will you receive promotion and status from within your faction? Switch allegiances? Rise to power? Or are you simply looking to live a quiet life behind the scenes...

Game Start → 12/15/08
s o e l d e i → a panfandom roleplay game

Actual post with complaining about work and such will be posted later tonight or tomorrow...

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